Wilmer Felipe Pudlio Vargas

Wilmer is a hard working and passionate individual with extensive experience in managing complex programs and projects in the fields of international education and humanitarian assistance, in over 40 countries. Successful in engaging a variety of stakeholders including international government agencies and NGOs. Highly knowledgeable in international and Canadian issues and policies related to education, immigration and refugee settlement. 

He completed his MA in Public Policy and International Affairs from the University of Ottawa. His life-long interest in the international arena stems from his personal and professional experiences, which touch on values, ethical behavior and pure deeds, and the belief that “the world is but one country and mankind its citizens”. He is interested in the advocacy of education as a critical and essential reality of this time, and the education of children is among the wealthiest principles of all the divine teachings (The Baha’i Faith, 2017). Being Venezuelan, and having visited most Latin American countries, he has come to understand some of the root causes of the vicious cycle of poverty, inequality and prejudice that so dramatically affect children and the indigenous peoples of Latin America. 

To further his understanding of changing patterns of societal integration, Wilmer likes to analyze the complex interplay of social structures, culture, and individuals' attitudes and behaviours across time and place. His approach is by looking at the interplay of changing dynamics of individual lives (attitudes, capabilities, and behaviour) against a backdrop of political and social integration (changing demographics, social structures, cultures and institutions). 

Wilmer is married with three children under the age of six, and is a member of Rotary International, International Environmental Forum, The Ruhi Institute, Red Cross International, and the Junior Chamber International. 

Wilmer is fluent in English and Spanish (oral and written), intermediate in French and Portuguese.